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Five Elephants Deli front

FED opened in May 2023 and offers quality products to go. You can get a wide range of freshly baked goods from the Five Elephant bakery, snacks, and high-end liquors.


Reichenberger Str. 104, 10999 Berlin

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8.00am - 6pm

Sat - Sun

8.00am - 6pm

“At FED,
we pride ourselves on food, wine and of course, coffee.”

Five Elephant Deli inside the coffeeshop

Our Coffee

We offer our House Blend coffee on espresso and a single-origin batch brew in the Deli. The concept is for your coffee order to be quick and easy, ideal for the customer on the go.

You can also buy retail coffee bags and some coffee brewing devices to make the perfect gift for your coffee enthusiast friend.

Experience our Flavours

About FED

We offer seasonal products in the shop. During the summer, we partnered with Oatly to offer vegan Soft Serve. The pastries also change accordingly with what is in season and at its freshest.

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Front picture of Deli location in Berlin

FED prides itself in using the best local
local ingredients from producers we know and trust.

Nearby Attractions

There's plenty to see in the area, whether you're looking for somewhere to go
before or after you visit the Deli.

Here are several famous landmarks and museums that
are relatively close to Five Elephant Deli:

Aerial picture of jewish meseum berlin

Jewish Museum Berlin

One of the largest Jewish Museums in Europe, it offers a poignant journey through Jewish history in Germany.

~1.4 km

aerial picture of topography of terror berlin

Topography of Terror

Located on the site of former Nazi institutions, it's now a documentation centre detailing the history of Nazi crimes.

~2.6 km

Picture of checkpoint charlie berlin

Checkpoint Charlie

The most famous former border crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War.

~2.3 km

picture of landwehr canal berlin

Landwehr Canal

A picturesque canal that winds through several Berlin neighbourhoods, including Kreuzberg. It's a popular spot for strolls.

~500 m

picture of berlinische galerie berlin

Berlinische Galerie

A museum of modern art, photography, and architecture, showcasing Berlin's art scene from the 20th century to the present.

~1.5 km

aerial picture of victoriepark berlin


A beautiful park located in Kreuzberg, offering panoramic views from the Kreuzberg hill, a waterfall, and the Prussian National Monument for the Liberation Wars.

~1.3 km

Location and Contact Details

U-Bahn (Underground/Subway): The closest U-Bahn station might be Görlitzer Bahnhof (U1 line). It's located within walking distance of Reichenberger Str.

  • Buses:

    Berlin has an extensive bus network. There are likely multiple bus lines that operate in the vicinity of Reichenberger Str. You'd need to check the BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) website or app for the most up-to-date bus schedules and routes.

  • Bike:

    Berlin is a bike-friendly city with many dedicated bike lanes. You can easily rent a bike or use bike-sharing services in the city.


Reichenberger Str. 104, 10999 Berlin

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8.00am - 6pm

Sat - Sun

8.00am - 6pm

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