The 2023 German Aeropress Championship at Five Elephant Roastery

The 2023 German Aeropress Championship at Five Elephant Roastery


Another year, another exhilarating German Aeropress Championship held here in Kreuzberg at our Roastery! We extend our heartiest gratitude to everyone who graced the event with their presence and enthusiasm. 




The championship showcased some of the most innovative Aeropress recipes, pushing the boundaries and challenging our esteemed judges to make a difficult decision. 



How the competition worked:

Firstly, The AeroPress Championship isn’t like your normal coffee competition, it’s a much more laidback and fun affair.  WAC -  “We're not particularly fond of rules and regulations — they've sucked the fun and inclusivity out of other coffee competitions.”



This being said, there are a few key factors that make an AeroPress Championship a WAC Event. Here’s how it goes.


The Rules and judges criteria


We were thrilled to have local members of Berlin’s coffee community sit on our judge’s panel. A big part of the event is bringing together the coffee community in a fun a social way.



As the saying goes, "there can be only one winner," and this year that honor goes to Carlo Graf Bülow. A familiar face, Carlo is no stranger to winning titles. This is his second victory, though due to unfortunate COVID restrictions, he missed the finals previously.


So, what brew got him the top spot and a ticket to represent Germany in Melbourne at the World Aeropress Championships later this year? Here's the golden recipe:

🔸 Carlo's Winning Aeropress Brew:

  • Setup: Inverted Aeropress with 2 classic paper filters.
  • Coffee: 18g, ground at 32 clicks on a Comandante.
  • Water: 150g of Lotus Water at 100°C and a 30g room temperature bypass of Lotus Water.
    • 0:00 min: Pour 50g water over coffee.
    • 0:15 min: Swiftly stir 32 times till 0:25 min.
    • 0:30 min: Add the remaining 100g of water.
    • 1:00 min: Secure the filter cap and expel air while still inverted.
    • 1:25 min: Flip the Aeropress.
    • 1:30-1:45 min: Complete the plunge.
    • Add the 30g room temperature bypass.
    • Transfer the coffee between two servers 10 times.
    • Pour into a tasting cup and give it a few gentle stirs to cool it slightly.



Here's the official vide recap captured by HYUNSUNG CHOI:

A massive shout-out to our generous sponsors who played an instrumental role in the success of this event:


  • Comandante


  • Brewista
  • Mahlkonig
  • Cafe Imports
  • Acaia
  • BestBrew
  • LaMarzocco
  • Fuerst Wiacek

What’s Next?

Stay tuned and keep those coffee cups at the ready! We're thrilled to announce the expansion of the German Aeropress Championship next year. We'll be hosting regional championships all over Germany, culminating in the grand finale once more in Berlin. Until then, keep brewing, and see you next year! ☕🏆

You can now buy the German Aeropress Championship coffee here.

 Find the full image recap on our Facebook page.

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