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EL SALVADOR Finca Majahual Pacamara – Filter

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Product Description

About EL SALVADOR Finca Majahual Filter Coffee

Finca Majahual, originally called Los Naranjos, was founded in 1936 in Sonsonate, El Salvador. It’s not only an economic but also a social project; a business that’s focused on growing the best coffee possible as well as growing the people and the community surrounding the farm.

The Murray-Meza family has maintained significant efforts over the years to improve the farmworkers’ social wellbeing, by funding projects such as the on-site Clinica San Rafael, which provides medical assistance to farmers; the Centro Escolar La Cumbre, which provides education to the farmers’ children; and building community spaces for farmers, their families, and the neighboring community members.

The relationship between Five Elephant and Finca Majahual began back in 2016, when direct trade was still uncommon for small roasteries. Since then we have been growing together, buying lots from the farm year after year, and are excited to be able to offer their coffee once again.

The Pacamara Varietal

Pacamara is a unique hybrid that originated in El Salvador. It combines the best attributes of two parent plants: Pacas, a natural mutation of Bourbon, and Maragogipe, known for its large bean size. Developed in 1958 by the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC), Pacamara offers a perfect balance of flavour complexity and robust plant characteristics.

Exceptional Flavour Profile

From our cupping sessions, we find that Pacamara consistently delivers a rich and memorable experience. It often includes notes of tropical fruits, florals, chocolate, and subtle nuances of red berries and stone fruits, with a creamy body. 

Finca Majahual employs natural processing methods, drying the cherries on raised beds at the same altitude where they are grown. This enhances the flavour complexity, adding layers of sweetness, fruity acidity, and a vibrant profile that stands out in the cup.

Resilient and Sustainable

Pacamara is not only known for its exceptional flavour but also for its resilience and adaptability. The plants thrive in the high altitudes and steep volcanic landscapes of El Salvador, demonstrating strong resistance to disease and pests. This makes Pacamara a reliable choice for sustainable cultivation, allowing Finca Majahual to produce high-quality coffee without heavy reliance on chemical inputs.


EL SALVADOR Finca Majahual coffee lot

EL SALVADOR Finca Majahual Coffee plants

Coffee Details

Origin El Salvador

RegionLos Naranjos Valley, Sonsonate

ProducerMurray Meza Family

FarmFinca El Majahual



Elevation1.350–1.700 masl

EL SALVADOR Finca Majahual Pacamara – Filter

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