Recap of German AeroPress Championship 2022

Recap of German AeroPress Championship 2022

The German AeroPress Championship 2022 - We made it again this year. Thanks to all competitors, guests, and of course the sponsors! 

Hereby we share the moments with all of you.

German Aeropress Championship 2022
Winners at Aeropress Championship 2022 

Wanted to see more? Here's the official photo recap of the German AeroPress Championship 2022. Thanks to all competitors, guests, and of course the sponsors!

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Congratulation for the winner of the German AeroPress Championship 2022, Peter Budenz. If you would like to try out the winner's recipe, here is the coffee they used this year - PNG Keto Tapasi

Also, Peter's Recipe: 

Brewer Set Up: Inverted
Filters: Aesir
Rinsed? Yes
Dose: 18.0g
Grind Setting: 54 Clicks on Comandante MK3 w/ Red Clix
Water Temp: 90°C
1. First, add 36g of room temperature water into the server.
2. Then add 18g of ground coffee to the inverted AeroPress.
3. 0:00-0:05 add 50g 90°C water and swirl the AeroPress until all grounds are fully saturated. Allow blooming until 0:30.
4. 0:30-0:55 Fill up the AeroPress until 150g, then stir 10 times back and forth (from fast to slow) with the AeroPress stirrer.
5. Place the filter cap on AeroPress and push out excess air. Then let steep until 1:45.
6. 1:45 flip AeroPress onto the pitcher, give everything two swirls, and a tap on the counter.
7. 1:50 Push AeroPress very slowly all the way through until 2:30.
8. Finally at 2:30-2:45, Swirl pitcher and serve with altitude in another vessel. 


Last but not least, big thank you again to all the participants, judges, organizers & helpers, and audiences. See you next year in the German AeroPress Championship. 

Sponsors for the event

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