Positive Price Adjustments for you

Positive Price Adjustments for you

We're excited to announce our new pricing structure! This new tiered system simplifies our coffee prices, making the ordering process much clearer and streamlined for our customers.


Retail price list

 Retail pricing from 15 August, 2022


Thanks to you, we have been able to work with our long term partners and friends in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Panamá, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda for more than twelve years now. They produce the highest quality green coffee and we are proud to be their partners in pushing for more quality, and at the same time supporting the very important social projects they create for their communities.


The idea of connecting those communities at origin with you, as part of our community, by the joy of a great cup of coffee, is what we live and work for. This is the reason why we founded Five Elephant in 2010 with a lot of passion paired with high expectations when it comes to quality and service. We were, and still are, thankful and proud to play a significant role in a major shift within the coffee industry by holding these values high.


Your refined sense of quality and the growing request for directly traded and fairly priced coffee of high quality shows us that we are on the right track. We won’t compromise those guidelines and will continue to strive for excellence when it comes to our coffee products and services. In order to keep this standard, we have created a new pricing structure.


Why do we need that change?


The decision to change our pricing has a big impact on the quality of our product as well as the quality of the infrastructure we have worked on over the past years. As you have probably noticed, the prices of raw material costs, as well as transport costs, are rising significantly. Of course, our value chain is affected by those changes. Due to the strong and steady relationships with our partners, we are able to hold against this trend in some ways, and even turn it into a positive one for our customers. The enduring work with our partners at origin, and the long term estimations we work out with them, puts us in a strong position now and confirms once again the importance of our values.


For you as our customer this means more transparency in all four price categories, and a clear separation between the different sorts of coffees, all for a better orientation within the choices. Our new categories will satisfy the requirements of all our customer groups and will be available from August 15 onwards.


And finally, as a gift for our customers who like to enjoy their coffee at home, all shipping costs will be included with a purchase of 49,00 € up. This applies for all coffee products within Germany (mainland).


For any questions you can contact our team per mail (answers@fiveelephant.com). Sandy and Wayne will be happy to hear from you.


Five Elephant Team

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