The Historical Journey of the Java Varietal: Introducing Sitio Canaa Filter Coffee

The Historical Journey of the Java Varietal: Introducing Sitio Canaa Filter Coffee

The lineage of coffee beans is rich with history, and the journey of the Java varietal is no exception. Its origins can be traced back to Ethiopia, where it made its way to Southeast Asia. Over time, this Typica varietal found its way to the islands of Sumatra and Java.

In Sumatra, a natural mutation occurred, enlarging the beans slightly, leading the Sumatran strain to deviate from the Java strain. By the hands of the Dutch, the Sumatra 'Typica' was introduced to Surinam and subsequently to Brazil. This historical movement introduced the first Arabica coffee varietal in Brazil in 1727.


Our partner farmer, João Hamilton, boasts Sumatran varietals with almost a century of history. The journey of the Java varietal took a notable turn in 2014 when Marcos Croce from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza visited the Selva Negra farm in Nicaragua. 

Here, he received seeds of the Java varietal, direct descendants of the same Typica lineage that had once travelled to Java centuries prior. Upon planting these at FAF and João Hamilton's Sitio Canaã, the Croce family observed that these Java beans were marginally smaller than their Sumatran counterparts. The adaptation of Java in its new home has been remarkable, resulting in a pronounced floral intensity when cupped.


Our collaboration with João Hamilton has been enduring and productive, with nearly a decade of partnership behind us. This year, we are elated to announce a special release: the Sitio Canaa Filter Coffee. This filter coffee embodies a sweetness reminiscent of peach, with light fruit notes and acidity. This is all harmoniously balanced by the signature Brazilian undertones of chocolate and cream.

Here’s our head roaster Thomas, giving an in-depth guide to brewing pour-over, on the V60:

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