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In this video, we will show you how we brew our Brazil - Obata Filter Coffee with a Kalita. Join Latvian Barista and Cup Tasting Champion Jānis Podiņš for this short tutorial.


•Rinse paper filter thoroughly with hot water, warming brew vessel
•Discard rinse water in vessel and Kalita Brewer
•Add coffee to Kalita Brewer and place on scale
•Ensure even bed by shaking gently side to side
•Start timer and Pour 40g of water (The Bloom)
•Stir in a cross motion 5 times back and fourth and left to right
•Make sure all coffee grounds are saturated
•When the timer is at 0:30, start second pour•Pour an additional 110g of water in a circular motion
•Take care not to pour directly on the paper filter
•At 1:10 on the timer, pour an additional 110g of water
•Aim to complete your pour at 1:25 on the timer
•Your total brew contact time should be 3:00–3:15 minutes
•If your brew is too long, use a coarser grind setting
•If your brew is too short, use a finer grind setting

Music - A Vida by Maya Solovéy



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