Five Elephant Update 2017

Five Elephant Update 2017

A lot has happened since 2013 when our last "Story" post went up on our site.  With social media advancing every month we started to communicate more with channels like Instagram and Facebook.  However it is becoming clear that our work is not something that is so easily expressed with a few words like "Sustainability" or a single photo.  

We will do our best to keep this channel alive and help spread the work of what we do.

Our company has evolved and changed over the years, but many of the core values we hold true remain constant.  We work day after day in the pursuit of quality, fairness, happiness and a model of business that balances the challenges of our rapidly evolving world.  As a small to medium sized company, it is not always easy or clear how to best balance a model that is both fair to the producing side (of our produce, dairy and coffee) and consumer side.  Together with our team and partners we would like to explore this more.

We feel strongly that the best way forward will require innovation, creative thinking, communication and a commitment to use current and future systems to better our planet.  Our company is a company of people and we would like to involved our talented team as much as possible in sharing the Five Elephant Story.

This is the "why" behind Five Elephant and along with my partner and wife Sophie, it's the reason we keep going each day.

Our plan is to divide this content into Five topics and we will do our best to post at least once a week.

The Bakery, Sourcing, The Roastery, Notes From The Brewers, Five Elephant Stories.

I am currently in the process of our first Sourcing article about our current shipment of coffees from our long time partners at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza.  We've been working with them now for 6 years and its been an eye opening experience.  

This year we have a lot of new developments and have some coffees that we are very excited about!  So without further ado, I'll get back to writing it up.

Talk soon and we look forward to sharing!

Kris Schackman

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