• Volumetric Coffee Bean Doser (with EK43 Mount)

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Welcome to the world of automatic volumetric dosing!  We are happy to announce that we are offering these units for sale worldwide.

This dosing unit operates by placing carefully milled spacer rings inside a cylinder to create a fixed volume that slides effortlessly back and forth between the bottom of a hopper or funnel and the opening of an EK43 grinder.

After some testing, we have concluded that this dosing unit is more accurate than the variance of standard grinding with the EK43.  We have trial tested the accuracy, with a full hopper, to be +- 2 coffee beans or around +- 0.2g.  What that number and weight is, depends on the evenness of the screen size of the beans.  Single origin coffees, in our testing were more accurate than blends or unevenly screen beans.

While this unit is perfectly suitable for a high volume workflow, for ultra sensitive brewing it does not take the place of a scale.  However it can save a lot of time over pre-weighing doses and will pay for itself in time savings.

All units come with enough 1,5mm POM rings to achieve a wide variety of dose sizes.

All units come with a full warranty against defects of materials and craftsmanship in accordance with German law.