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    Kamviu, which is the name of the wet mill, is owned and operated by 700 members of the Gakundu Farmers Cooperative Society. Cherries are delivered to the wet mill for processing the same day as picking. Once delivered, cherries are sorted prior to pulping. Red ripe cherries are separated from under-ripe and foreign matter.
    Processing utilizes clean river water that is re-circulated before disposal into seepage pits for filtration and integration back into the water shed. Sun drying is done before delivery of the coffee to the dry mill for secondary processing.
    Producers: Gakundu Farmers Cooperative Society
    Harvest: October-December
    Origin: Embu North District, Eastern Province, Kenya
    Growing Conditions:  1900-2100 masl in volcanic soil rich in minerals and phosphorus.
    Botanical Variety: SL 34, SL 28 & Ruiru 11
    Process:  This coffee is pulped, dry fermented, washed, soaked and sun-dried. Cherries are hand-sorted for unripes and overripes by the farmers before they go in to production. A disc pulping machine removes the skin and pulp. This coffee is fermented for 18 to 26 hours in shade. After fermentation the coffees are washed and again graded in washing channels, then soaked under fresh water for 14 to 20 hours. The coffee is then sun-dried for up to 20 days on African drying beds. The coffee is shipped and stored in vacuum packed boxes.
    Flavor Description: Notes of rose petals, blackberries and light bergamot with a transparent and tea-like body.

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