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  • €107,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00

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    All bags are sold as 10oz /284g
    10oz - €15.70/bag 
    1kg - €50.90/bag
    Incl. 7% USt. zzgl. Shipping

    Farm: Buziraguhindwa
    Producers: Salum Ramadhan
    Origin: Muruta, Kayanza, Burundi
    Growing Conditions: 2000 masl
    Botanical Variety: Bourbon
    Process: Natural
    Flavor Description: Dried Lingonberry, Fudge and Brandy.

    The cherries of this coffee are soaked in water to remove all floaters. The mill staff then spread out the cherries in a single layer for the first 2 days while they sort out immature, deceased and overripe cherries.

    An additional benefit to this technique is that the cherries dry faster during the beginning of the drying cycle, which seems to create a cleaner and brighter profile in the cup. After the initial 2 days, the coffee is slowly built up in layers, which is is moved and turned multiple times per day to create a consistent and homogenized moisture content. 



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