• Five Elephant - 1KG Propeller Filter

  • €20.33

  • Description

    At Five Elephant we believe that creating sustainable relationships involves buying a range of specialty grade coffee from producers who we work with from year to year.

    This Filter Coffee is a specific lot from El Salvadors's Finca El Majahual, that we identified to have attributes making it ideal for roasting and extracting with more body and less acidity than some of our other filter coffees.  

    This coffee can be easier to dial in and is a little more tolerant than our other coffees as well.

    While it might not have the nuance of some of our other filter coffees, it is still a great coffee for breakfast and batch brew applications and helps foster a sustainable relationship with our partner producer, the Murray Meza family.  

    With a full time school and medical clinic at the farm, we have never seen such a well cared after production team on any farm.  We are happy to partner with producers who have such a feeling for social welfare. 

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