• Five Elephant - 1KG Propeller Espresso

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    At Five Elephant we believe that creating sustainable relationships involves buying a range of specialty grade coffees from producers who we work with from year to year.

    Our goal with Propeller Espresso is to provide a coffee with the distinctive origin attributes that we associate with our Five Elephant Espressos, while focusing our roasting goals to push sweetness in the cup.  We generally look for green coffees that allow for this development while offering a lower cost alternative to our Five Elephant Espressos.

    Sidamo is Ethiopia’s most productive coffee producing region. With fertile soil and growing conditions, it makes for some of the most beautiful and clean coffee available in Ethiopia, which is wild coffee’s original home.  This naturally processed coffee is sure to provide a thick mouth feel and big fruity body.

    In Ethiopia there are two ways to purchase coffee, either from a cooperative/large scale producer, or through the ECX. The ECX is a public market facilitating institution that was established in 2008 with the help of USAID.

    The main reason for establishing ECX was to eliminate the huge number of middlemen involved in coffee distribution and to enable coffee farmers to benefit from prevailing market prices.

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