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The first coffee that got us hooked on speciality coffee was a Yirgacheffe natural, roasted and cupped with Stephen Diedrich at his factory in Sandpoint, Idaho.  From the first intense notes of all things not coffee (berries, flowers, juice, etc.) it was clear that coffee for us would become a lifelong passion.

Since then, we have moved away from Naturally processed coffees from Ethiopia, often finding them too perfume like or pungent.  This year, while cupping this lot of Idido, we were blown away with its cleanliness and complexity and it instantly reminded us of why we got into the coffee business to begin with.

Producers:  Idido Cooperative Union and about 1000 smallholders. 
Harvest: December 2015-January 2016
Origin:  Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Growing Conditions:  1800-2400 m.s.l. in volcanic soil rich in minerals and nitrogen. Coffee is grown in wild forests and semi-wild forests.
Botanical Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom. Improved varietals and native coffee of forest origin. 
Process: The coffee is hand picked by the farmers and their families. After delivering the coffee to the mill it is de-pulped and mechanically de-mucilaged. The parchment is soaked for 24-36 hours before it is graded in washing channels into two grades and then soaked again for 12-24 hours.  The coffee is then dried on African elevated drying beds for 10-15 days. Parchment is continuously sorted during drying to eliminate defects. The coffee is shipped and stored in vacuum packed boxes.
Flavor Description:  Notes of Jasmine, Peach & Strawberry Sweetness with Citric Acidity
Idido is a cooperative in the village of Idido, close to the the town of Yirgacheffe in the Gedeo zone of southern Ethiopia. The Idido cooperative and its more than 1000 members are part of the Yirgacheffe Farmers Cooperative. The Idido cooperative works with growers from neighbouring villages Aricha, Direto, Ela Tenecha, Gersse, Bowicha, H Badmie, Charbanita and Idido itself, where the centralized wet mill is located. The growers take their cherries here after the day’s harvest for processing. This natural processed coffee from Idido was dried in thin layers on raised drying beds. To avoid over-fermentation and mold, the cherries are turned every 3 hours in the first few days. Depending on weather conditions, 5-6 weeks later the beans are hulled.