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    Producer. Israel Degfa.
    Harvest. Current Crop.
    Region. Nensebo, West Arsi.
    Elevation. 1700-1900 masl.
    Varietal. Ethiopian Heirloom.
    Process. Natural.
    Flavour Description. Papaya, Sweet Lime, Black Tea.

    Israel Degfa is the owner of several washing stations and farms, spread across the Southern regions of Ethiopia. Over the last few years, his focus shifted from production volume to processing quality. He has since made it a priority to work together with his specialty coffee customers in order to constantly improve the quality of his stations’ products.

    This natural coffee was processed at the Nensebo processing station in Arsi, situated near the Bale Mountains National Park, home of Ethiopia’s second-highest mountain. The region’s high altitude provides the ideal environment for the cultivation of high quality, richly flavoured coffee beans. Much like the other coffees we have purchased from Ethiopia throughout the years, these beans have been grown in tiny plots by over a thousand smallholder farmers.

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