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    Farm: 7000+ Smallhoder Farmers
    Producer: Wondiwesen Alemayoh
    Harvest: November-February (Current Crop)
    Origin: Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe
    Growing Conditions: 2000-2350 masl
    Botanical Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom
    Process: Washed
    Flavor Description: Nectarine, brown sugar and orange blossom.
    Adado is an area and Tribe in the Gedeo Zone, where some of the highest grown coffee in the world is produced. Much of the coffee production in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia is grown under shade trees alongside other crops and without the use of chemicals. This region is often referred to as "garden coffee" as it is grown on very small plots, often in the backyard of small dwellings. Although the varieties in Ethiopia are usually Mixed Heirloom, it is normal for each zone in Ethiopia to take on its own flavor profile, due to the cross pollination of its specific mixed varieties, soil, elevation and climate. For us, this coffee is an exceptional representations of the "Yirgacheffee" cup profile.

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