• EL SALVADOR Las Ranitas (Orange Bourbon) Filter

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    Farm: Finca Las Ranitas
    Producer: Jose Antonio Jr. & Andres Salaverria
    Harvest: Current Crop
    Origin: Los Naranjos Valley, Sonsonate
    Growing Conditions: 1450-1500 masl
    Botanical Variety: Orange Bourbon
    Flavor Description: Wild strawberry, cream and vanilla beans.

    We started working with Jose Antonio Jr. and his brother Andres 5 years ago as they were managing the larger project JASAL for their father. When the brothers told us that they were going to buy their own farm we immediately wanted to work with them. The farm had been under the brothers management for 2 years now, after years of neglect from the former owner. Due to the heavily monitored conditions during processing and exceptional picking/hand sorting, the coffee is tasting quite clean. We are excited to reintroduce this farm and to develop the other cultivars on this property in the future.

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