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    Espresso Only.

    Farm: Serra do Cigano
    Producer: Jacon Family
    Harvest: Current Crop
    Origin: Caconde, São Paulo, Brazil
    Growing Conditions: 1200 masl
    Botanical Variety: Yellow Catuaí
    Process: Natural, dried on raised beds at Sitio Canaã patios for 26 days
    Flavor Description: Hazelnut with red apple acidity and raw cacao complexity.

    For a few years now we have bought coffee from farms in the valley of Pirapitinga Brazil who work closely with João Hamilton. This year on our origin trip, we’ve selected a unique lot for espresso that was grown by the Jacon Family and processed with Mr. Hamilton at Sitio Canãa. This Yellow Catuaí has been meticulously produced and dried for 26 days on raised beds. It offers a high quality and approachable cup that is sweet and full of the best flavors we look for in Brazilian coffees.

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