Dear Five Elephant Community,

We start the new year determined, and welcome positive change: For the first time in 12 years of Five Elephant history, we celebrate a vegan January in our Berlin cafes. Throughout January, our cakes are plant-based only, and there's a discount on all drinks ordered with plant-based milk. In general, we don't charge extra for plant milk in our cafes, which is quite unique in the world of specialty coffee, and throughout the month of January, we'll even discount our plant milk-based drinks by €0.20.       

Climate change is not a phenomenon of the future, it is the biggest challenge of our time—we are in the middle of it. Humans are using up too many of the world's resources, which is unfortunately also driving CO2e-emissions. Globally, we have already used 86% of the CO2e-budget available to us, if we are to limit our planet's warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees (which is widely considered the threshold or tipping point for irreparable climate disasters.) To ensure that we do not miss the 1.5 degree target, we as food companies have the responsibility to act right now! That's why we're dedicating January to the themes of climate change, global warming, and nutrition, with plant-based foods at its center. 


33% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the food industry. 58% of these emissions come from animal products. By consuming less animal products and more plant-based foods, we can lower the global CO2-emissions coming from the food sector and make a positive impact on our climate. If we make the global switch to eating more plant-based foods, we could grow more food on less land. Reducing meat and dairy production is essential for our planet Earth to avoid the worst effects of climate change. And to keep our planet cool, we cannot avoid a significant reduction in our dairy consumption.

For us, it's about conscious consumption, genuine appreciation of foods, quality over quantity, a way of nourishment that puts plants at the center and respects and appreciates animal products once again as they deserve—and ideally, they are organic and/or regional. We want to make it easier and, above all, more affordable for you to make sustainable choices in your day-to-day life, to eat more plant-based food, and to find the right balance in your daily lives.

We say thank you—thank you for following our journey thus far. We look forward to continuing this journey towards positive change together. And if you happen to live in Berlin or are here for a visit, please feel free to come in for a cup of coffee—black or with plant milk—, and a slice of vegan cake at one of our cafes in Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg or at KaDeWe. Here’s to making better choices day in day out—small and big, individually and collectively.

Warmest wishes,

Your Five Elephant Team

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