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    All bags are sold as 10oz /284g
    10oz - €13.60/bag
    1kg - €43.50/bag
    Incl. 7% USt. zzgl. Shipping
    Producer: Wodessa Yachis.
    Harvest: November - February.
    Origin: Oromia, Guji Zone, Southern Ethiopia.
    Growing Conditions: 2000 - 2300 MASL.
    Botanical Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom.
    Process: Natural.
    Flavor Description: Black honey, Wild strawberry, Cream.
    Guji Highland is a 250 hectare, family owned farm established in 2012. It tops out at 2300m, and can only be described as a natural cloud forest. The farm’s production is 100% organic and the moment you step onto the land you sink into the deep topsoil, rich with organic matter which has naturally decomposed over decades.

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