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  • €15.00

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    All bags are sold as 284g or 1kg

    284g - €15.00/bag  
    1kg - €49.70/kg
    Incl. 7% USt. zzgl. Shipping

    Producer. Salum Ramadhan 
    Farm. Sehe
    Harvest. June (Current Crop) 
    Origin. Bukinyanana, Cibitoke
    Growing Conditions. 2200 MASL
    Botanical Variety. Bourbon
    Process. Natural
    Flavour Description. Wild Strawberry, Milk Chocolate, Cloudy Apple Juice.
    Sehe washing stations have strict routines for cherry reception. The coffees are sorted by the farmers at the receiving stations on raised tables, or they even have small flotation tank system for each farmer at delivery. They also have workers dedicated to sort out un ripe and over ripe coffees for their special preparation of micro lots. The pre processing flotation process is to first put the cherries in water tanks. They will then skim off the floaters and give it back to the farmer before the coffees are hand sorted to separate out unripe/half-ripe.

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