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    All bags are sold as 10oz /284g or 1kg
    10oz - €11.50/bag
    1kg Bag - €36.20/kg
    Incl. 7% USt. zzgl. Shipping

    Currently only roasting for filter.

    Juan de la Cerda and his son Juan Diego have a very efficient system of ecological wet milling, where cherries are de-pulped with a dry process the same day as picking, then fermented in tanks for 36-40 hours. The coffee is then transported mechanically and sun-dried on patios for 12-16 days. The water is treated with clean production techniques before it is returned to the forest.

    Producer: Juan Diego de la Cerda
    Finca El Socorro
    Harvest: Current Crop
    Origin: Palencia, Guatemala
    Growing Conditions: 1.700-1.800 masl
    Botanical Variety: Yellow Bourbon
    Process: Dry de-pulping, ecological wet milling and sun dried on patios
    Flavor Description: Red grapes with a variety of floral notes. Silky body with a transparent, lingering aftertaste.

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