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  • PANAMA Finca Deborah Geisha - Filter

  • €45.00

  • Description

    100g bags sold at €45/Bag.  
    Incl. 7% USt. zzgl. Shipping.

    1st round of roasting, Friday 1st Feb. 2019.
    Shipping 4th/5th Feb. 2019. 

    2nd and Final Roast of the season, Wednesday 27th Feb. 2019.
    Shipping 28th Feb/1st March 2019. 

    2nd Roast and Shipment TBC. 

    Pick one of three Processing: Carbonic Maceration, Honey and Natural.

    Farm: Finca Deborah.
    Producer: Jamison Savage.
    Harvest: 2018.
    Origin: Volcán, Panama. 
    Growing Conditions: 1900 MASL.
    Botanical Variety: Geisha.

    Notes from Jamison:

    After carefully selecting the ripest and most intact cherries, this coffee is peeled and placed in an anaerobic tank for a certain period of time closely monitoring ph parameters. The coffee is then placed on shaded African beds where it is slow dried and turned many times throughout the day. When the drying process is complete the coffee is bagged and placed in Bodega where it rests for up to 90 days before hulling, hand selection, and finally, vacuum bagged and boxed for export.

    Cherries are milled after careful selection using an environmentally conscious wet-mill and mechanical de-fruiter, leaving a certain percentage of the fruit intact on the grain. This precise process allows for a consistent production of this Washed and Honey coffee. After wet milling the coffee it is then shade dried and carefully monitored with frequent agitation to ensure cleanliness and linearity in the cup. The dry house temperature is always monitored and controlled.

    Cherries start on the top level of a three-tiered bed system where they are superficially dried for a period of time to remove excess moisture and for UV radiation to kill unwanted bacteria. The coffee is then dropped to the second level. Here is where the coffee spends the majority of it’s time, slowly drying and absorbing the sweetness and complexity of the fruit. Finally, the coffee is dropped to the lowest level where humidity begins to equalize. At 10.5–11%, it is then bagged and rested in bodega before hulling, selection, and packing

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