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    Farm: Santa Julia
    Producer: Jose Antonio Salaverria and Sons
    Harvest: Current Crop
    Origin: Apaneca-llamatepece, El Salvador
    Growing Conditions: 1500 mals
    Botanical Variety: Bourbon and Pacas
    Process: Depulped, soaked overnight, washed and soaked in clean water for 10 hours
    Flavor Description: Mirabelles, fresh walnut with lemon grass acidity.

    JASAL is a 5th generation coffee producer privately owned by Jose Antonio Salaverria and managed by his sons Jose Antonio Jr. and Andres. This Santa Julia lot, from one of the smaller farms owned by the family, was processed separated by day lot. It was fully washed, wet fermented and then soaked in clean water for 10 hours. This is a process that produces clarity in the cup and we have found to increase the longevity of the green coffees quality after it arrives in Europe. We visit the family every year on our trip to El Salvador and this particular coffee jumped off the table on this trip.

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