1.5 hrs total.
1 - 4 ppl per class.
99.00€ per person incl. 19% USt. 

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Our professional latte art class introduces baristas to the importance of milk in beverages that involve milk. In this class we will present the skills required to produce latte art, and also improve the existing latte art skills of your staff. 

  • Introducing the importance of milk quality - how important the harmony between a good quality milk and good quality coffee is.
  • The importance of consistent milk temperature, and how temperature can affect the quality of milk steaming and flavour.
  • How to professionally texture milk, to create a smooth texture. How to produce the same quality of milk texturing for every beverage.
  • For beginners, we will show how to pour basic latte art, and explain the main techniques behind producing latte art. We will provide detailed instructions on how to practice latte art skills at home.