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  • BRAZIL Sitio Joaninha Red Catuai - Espresso

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Sitio Joaninha
Valdir José Ferreira
Caconde, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1.240 masl
Red Catuai
White Grapes, Milk Chocolate and Peach.

Valdir José Ferreira's coffee farm was established by his two grandparents almost four decades ago. As a young child, Mr Ferreira spent his holidays among the lots, and as a grown man, he decided to take over the farm's management duties.

The farm's name, Joaninha, means ladybug in Portuguese. The name was given to the property by Mr Ferreira, as an ode to his mother's childhood memories from the farm, of playing with ladybugs in the fields. Once widespread commercial farming took over the region, and chemicals were introduced to the production process, the ladybugs disappeared...

...But not forever. Our good friends and partners from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza introduced Mr Ferreira and his family to the benefits of cultivating higher quality coffees, working in sustainable methods, and improving the soil and water health throughout the region. With this new approach, not only has bean quality improved, but there was also a special bonus: the ladybugs finally returned, and Mr Ferreira's children (and his mother!) can now play with them among the fields.

We're delighted to share this wonderful coffee with our customers for another year, and support the remarkable change the Caconde region has experienced over the last decade.