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All bags are sold as 250g or 1kg
250g - €
16.80 (€67.20/kg) 
1kg - €56.90
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El Socorro Y Anexos
Juan Diego de la Cerda
Palencia, Guatemala
1.650-1.800 masl
Dry de-pulping, ecological wet milling and sun dried on patios
Wild strawberry, Macadamia and Pineapple

El Socorro Y Anexos is one of Guatemala's most reliable producers of high-quality coffee cherries. Their Maracaturra has been immensely popular over the last few years, winning 1st place in the Cup of Excellence program on more than one occasion - El Socorro is one of only three coffee farms in Guatemala who were able to achieve this.

The farm is managed by Juan de la Cerda and his son Juan Diego, who have a very efficient system of ecological wet milling: cherries are de-pulped with a dry process on the same day that they are picked on, then fermented in tanks for 36-40 hours. The coffee is then transported mechanically and sun-dried on patios for 12-16 days.
Juan de la Cerda and Juan Diego are both very passionate about improving every aspect of their farm, and it's this commitment to excellence and willingness to constantly evolve, which makes them the ideal partners for us. The Maracaturra has become a staple of our coffee catalog, and it is as excellent as ever this year.