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    Finca El Majahual
    Roberto H. Murray Meza with Patrick Murray
    Los Naranjos Valley, Sonsonate
    1.350–1.700 masl
    Orange Bourbon
    Cocoa, almond and rose hip.

    Since 1936 the Murray Meza family has been growing coffee on this land, in the Los Naranjos Valley in Sonsonate, El Salvador. Recently the great grandchildren of Don Rafael Meza-Ayau have taken back management of the farm. Five Elephant has begun a long term collaboration with Christina and Patrick Murray to identify and promote not only the quality of the coffee on the farm, but also the environmental and social health of the Los Naranjos Valley. The family has maintained a strong commitment to improve the workers’ quality of life by providing medical assistance, education, and leisure spaces for the farm workers and neighboring community members.

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