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  • VST Precision Filter Basket

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Total price €33.32
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Why do we only sell one kind of filter basket in our webshop?  Simple.

The key to uniform extractions and consistency between group-heads is the goal of every coffee professional.  We have developed a tamper that is so precise that it can only work with a VST Ridgeless Basket.  The tolerance for our tamper is 0.02mm, which has been unheard until we pushed the limits with our tamper bases and with any other baskets, it simply will jam or not fit.  These baskets are so uniform that along with our tamper you will increase your extractions without fail, while setting a bar for your barista team to work in a uniform way.

This is not for everyone, but if you want the most precise combination of a competition grade tamper and basket, this is it, hands down.