• Brazil - Sitio Canaã Red Bourbon Espresso

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    All bags are sold as One Full Pound 16oz/454g 
    €16/lb  (€35.20/kg)
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    Farm: Sitio Canaã

    Lot Size: 22 bags
    Producer: Joao Hamilton and Ivan Dos Santos
    Harvest: August 2013
    Origin: Caconde, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Growing Conditions: 1300 masl.
    Botanical Variety: Red Bourbon
    Process: The coffee is hand picked by well trained pickers and naturally dried on raised beds.  The coffee is shipped and stored in grain pro bags.
    Flavor Description: Sweet nutty body with a complex port like fruit acidity.

    Its our third year working with Joao Hamilton and his brother Ivan Dos Santos along with their partner producers at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza "FAF". The FAF is a family run collective of a few farming families run by Marcos Croce and his two sons Daniel and Felipe. 

    A few years back they started doing something radically different from most other Brazilian farmers in that they focused on micro lots and in particular monitoring and documenting the entire process from picking through drying. By doing this, they were able, though extensive cupping of their lots, to taste the difference between the variables of production variances. 



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