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    BURUNDI - Buziraguhindwa
    Washing Station: Buziraguhindwa
    Lot Size: 1500 kg
    Producer: Several smallholders
    Harvest: July 2013
    Origin: Kayanza, Burundi
    Growing Conditions: About 1800-2000 m.s.l. in volcanic soil.
    Botanical Variety: Heirloom “Native Kaffa”
    Process: Cherries are hand sorted for unripes and overripes by the farmers before they go in to production. A 3 disc Mckinnon pulper removes the skin and pulp. The coffee is then dry fermented for 12- 16 hours, dependent on the weather conditions. It’s then graded in washing channels in to two grades based on density before soaked under clean water in tanks for 18 hours.
    Drying: Sun dried 15 – 20 days on African drying beds on hessian cloths. Coffees are covered in plastic during midday and at night.
    Flavor Description: Clean ripe blackberry sweetness, a Gooseberry acidity with a Fragrant floral finish.
    Burundi is a small landlocked country at the crossroads of East and Central Africa, straddling the crest of Nile-Congo watershed.  As one of the worlds poorest countries, Burundi has undergone somewhat of a metamorphosis in coffee production.  Arabica coffee has been grown in Burundi since being introduced by the Belgians in the 1930's.  
    After their brutal civil war ended in 2005, government owned washing stations began to be auctioned off to private entities and cooperatives.  Similarly to Rwanda, the positive results of this have been noticed not only in quality, but also economic development in the surrounding areas of washing stations in the past few years.
    Where in the past washing stations were grouped together to form a "Sogestal", which is a group of washing stations that blend together to form mega lots of mixed lots of coffee, today the benefits washing stations with individual lot separation is becoming apparent to the quality of coffee.
    The Buziraguhindwa washing station is doing great work in these regards, focusing on lot separation and various drying techniques.  Although much of the country has been deforested and coffee is grown with little to no shade, the high altitude and fertile volcanic soils are prime for growing truly exceptional coffee.

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